Do you know the feeling of not really seeing and noticing your surroundings and just going on a shooting frenzy where ever you are and only notice details later after you’ve uploaded your photos and see them in your monitor? That’s me.

I think my  affair with photography started  when I was a little girl. My mother used to take photos of families and events as a side income using her old Yashica film camera. It was that vintage heavy model with two lenses infront and you have to peek inside to see the viewfinder. I remember that camera with mounting impatience. I want to see the photos right away but of course I had to wait for a long time before all the film were consumed and the photos developed.

I bought my first 35mm point and shoot camera in college but I had never got serious with photography until 2010ish.

I love traveling and that’s when I capture most of my photos. My favorite subjects are sunsets (I never get tired of them), details, landscapes, food and anything and everything that moves, or not, and most of all, freezing unscripted moments in time.

I’ve had so many adventures with my camera, some of them too embarassing to be told but do check some of the misadventures in the upcoming blog in this site.

Photography is a never-ending lesson and I have just began the trip.